Ms. Pooja Jhaver – Chairperson

An alumna of Loreto House, Calcutta and Carmel Convent, New Delhi, Ms. Jhaver graduated from St. Stephens College, Delhi University with an Honours degree in Economics. A keen scholar, she also completed a second BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from the University of Oxford, England.

Passionate about schools and education from an early age, Ms. Jhaver went on to pursue post-graduate study at Teachers College, Columbia University. As part of her Master’s Programme in International and Comparative Education, she was introduced to varied international paradigms and developed a special interest in both, patterns of family and community education and the design of holistic learning environments. Upon her return to India, she spent time observing and conducting research for The School, Krishnamurti Foundation of India, Chennai, before finally giving shape to the founding framework of the Nirmal Bhartia School.

An inspired and enthusiastic life-long learner, she enjoys challenging herself in new ways. A spirited debater, an avid bibliophile and an ardent arts enthusiast with a passion for exploring creativity in art, craft traditions and design, she also has an eager interest in Indian philosophy and systems of knowledge.

A visionary with a firm belief in the power of community and holistic education, Ms. Jhaver inspires and leads by example.

Setting education benchmarks

Acknowledging the contributions of Ms. Pooja Jhaver and NiBS Principal Ms. Charu Wahi, in pioneering a unique and empowering pedagogy, EducationWorld, India’s leading educational magazine featured them in their coffee-table book 21 Leaders Transforming Indian Education.

Other awards and honours

Ms. Jhaver is the recipient of the prestigious Astitva Samman 2021 from the PHD Chamber. In recognition of her impact on education, The Indian Institute of Management and the Institute for Career Studies, Lucknow conferred the ‘Education Leadership Award’ on her.