The Mitr Programme: Holding your hand

In ‘The Odyssey’, when King Odysseus went off to fight the Trojan War, he left Telemachus, his son and only heir, with a trusted friend to teach him how to be a good leader. That wise and sensitive man’s name was Mentor. He asked his friend to teach Telemachus “to be wise beyond the world, to know the secrets of the heart and soul, to lead with courage and kindness, to develop physical strength and compassion, and to be loved and respected by his associates.”
With these words, the first mentorship began.

The Mitr Program seeks to continue this several thousand-year old legacy. Designed as a peer mentoring and support programme for new staff members, the programme aims to provide them a warm and hospitable welcome and acquaint them with the nuances of the School’s vision and culture. Mitr complements the weeklong comprehensive teacher orientation programme by offering personalised guidance and support tailored to the specific needs of each individual over an extended period of time.