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We are excited to welcome our students back to their classes

The new session is all set to begin and we are excited to welcome our students back to their classes! The walls of our class rooms, whether physical or virtual, are waiting to be painted in the vibrant colours of your enthusiasm, cheerfulness, playfulness and abundance of pride and joy!! It's spring, the flowers are blooming, nature is renewing and we just can't seem to wait for the renewed vigour of our children coming together to create magic, poetry and sparkle while learning and thriving!!

Second Draw of Lots under General Category- 2021-22

List of Applicants being offered admission under the General Category :2021-22

Our students shine in the English Olympiad

Celebration Time...yet again!
We are happy to share that our students have secured  international ranks in the English Olympiad (IEO) organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF).
Heartiest Congratulations to  Qisha Rohit (Class IV) #9, Lipi Goel (Class VII) #17, Aadya Sharma (Class IX) and Lubna Bhatli (Class XII) #31 for making us proud!

NiBS excels once again in the Annual EW Rankings 2020-21

We continue our stellar performance in the Annual Education World School Rankings. We have been ranked 5th in the city of Delhi and 11th, all India, by the Education World C Fore Annual Survey of schools. We are honoured and proud to be setting benchmarks with our pioneering Curriculum and Pedagogy at no.1 position and outstanding Leadership & Management and ever supportive Parent Partnerships, both at no.2 positionsWe are also humbled to be setting standards for Equitable Access, Community Service and Internationalism too, coming among the top 10. The rankings were declared after a survey of 2000 of the Best Schools in the country.