The SMILE Curriculum

Previously known as ‘Learning Together’, SMILE is a holistic well-being and life-skills programme that came into being as a result of the successful SMILE contagion that our team launched during the hardest years of the pandemic in order to help us remain connected in spirit and heart despite being geographically apart.

Using the unique and eponymous pedagogy of a SMILE – Sing happy songs, Make some art, Inspire and ignite new thoughts and ideas, Listen to the voice of the heart, and Energise, electrify and play your part, SMILE encourages children to explore issues of personal, social, ethical and environmental concern and address them with sensitive, creative and committed decision-making and action. As children participate in the program, they develop strong life-skills in the areas of personal safety, conflict resolution, communication and self-expression, tolerance, cultural sensitivity and critical media analysis. Most importantly of all, they develop the self-confidence and belief to know that they can change the world, one SMILE at a time.