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At the Nirmal Bhartia School, we believe that children are inherently curious, active and inter-connected learners who learn best by:-

CCollaborating with each other and the world around
AAsking questions, clarifying doubts and taking ownership of their learning while developing a sound awareness of their unique talents, strengths and weaknesses
R – Periodically Reflecting upon their progress to review and reinforce learning
E – Engaging in deep Exploration and enquiry of themes, topics and challenges in a quest to excel

Our attempt then is to continually evolve a culture and curriculum that speaks the VOICE of CARE, nurturing and supporting a child’s intrinsic, organic and unlimited desire to learn and grow while at the same time weeding out all obstinate, discouraging burls that threaten to stunt his/her potential.

Towards this aim, we’ve carefully chosen and attempted to seed our learning environment with the following five key learning approaches. Like the sacred trees of the Panchavati, we hope that they will hold secure and shelter the hearts and minds of our students as they seek to soar, tracing their own journey of beauty and brilliance towards the sun.