The Learning Together Programme

Learning Together is a bespoke personal, social, health and general awareness programme. Using a variety of modes such as role-plays, stories, case-studies and class discussions, it encourages children to explore questions of ethicality, understand the challenges involved in arriving at a sound judgment, and then take constructive action to bring about change. As children participate in the programme, they develop strong life-skills in the areas of personal safety, conflict resolution, communication and self-expression, appreciation of differences, tolerance, cultural sensitivity and critical media analysis.

Growing Up Years

Growing up years is a pioneering life-skills and counselling initiative designed to offer children the sensitivity, care and support they need during their ‘growing up years’ so that they may lead vibrant, happy and healthy lives and learn to navigate their worlds with safety and security.

Organised as a series of workshops, talks and discussions with children, teachers and parents, it seeks to foster a better awareness, deeper understanding and informed response to the diverse developmental, social, emotional and physical needs that emerge as children grow in our rapidly changing environments and times.

Collaboratively planned in association with leading psychologists, digital security experts and with inputs from our own teachers and parents, the programme attempts to address a wide range of issues and challenges such as taking care of our bodies – hygiene and safety, developing healthy eating habits, the adolescent years, gender sensitivity, critical media analysis and more.

Psychological Counselling

A dedicated team of expert in-service counsellors support the mental health and well-being needs of students and families across the school.