We are once again at the top in Annual Education World India School Rankings!

We have been ranked 3rd in the city of Delhi and 10th, all India, by the Education World  Annual Survey of schools.

We are honoured and proud to be setting benchmarks with our Individual Attention to Students at no.1 position, pioneering Curriculum and Pedagogy (Digital Readiness) at no.2 position and outstanding Leadership & Management Quality at no. 6 and ever supportive Parent Involvement and Mental and Emotional Well-Being Services, both at no.7 positionsWe are also humbled to be setting standards for Co-Curricular Education and Equitable Access,  too, coming among the top 10. The rankings were declared after a survey of 2000 of the Best Schools in the country.

Coming just after the pandemic unsettled our normal lives, this recognition is a testament to the tenets of our founding vision of “Aham Sah”, an interconnected and holistic way of learning, that enables our community of children, teachers and parents to come together in response to challenges and the exemplary spirit displayed by our community in living this vision. Congratulations to the NiBS community for this continued stellar performance!