Identifying cross-curricular connections and researching different aspects in detail, the students of Class IX completed a Deep Learning project on Gravitation. As an entry event, they watched a video on the effects of gravitation in our daily lives. Thereafter, they discussed the reasons behind varied aspects such as why the weight of an object fluctuated in an elevator, life of astronauts in space and the free fall of objects in a vacuum.

A web-chart of guiding questions helped the students to shortlist their topics for research and a hand-out on ‘scientific methodology’ guided them as they conducted their research and proceeded with their projects, incorporating feedback received from peers and mentor teachers.

Some of the themes explored included: to study the effect of the length and mass of a pendulum on the oscillation period of a pendulum; to determine the value of acceleration due to gravity using a simple pendulum; to investigate the concept of artificial gravity and how it can be created.

Discussion on the topic in student groups.

Students watching an introductory video on ‘The effects of gravitation’.

Students conducting research and noting observations in the library.

Students setting up the experiment and arriving at plausible conclusions.