Excitement and good spirits are soaring high as we gear up to celebrate Neevanjali, our Founders’ Day, on Wednesday, 26th April 2023! Together, we have come very far in our journey and as we look back to those days when the School started off with a glorious mission and a magnificent dream to shape the way our children learn, we are indeed filled with tremendous pride! It is all the more heartening, since all through the 17 years of the School’s journey we remained grounded to its founding vision, a lighthouse enshrined in our hearts. This year, the celebrations have added splendour, with our annual Shiksha Theme, ‘Building blocks for a new imagiNATION- Why Play Matters?’, introducing an electrifying vigour in our imagination, innovation and in our building blocks for learning, playing and growing! We wish every member of our community a very joyous Neevanjali!