At NiBS, we’ve always believed that a true and meaningful education cannot just be a narrow, linear process of acquiring predetermined skills needed to prepare one for life, but a deeper, broader and more expansive one  required to engage with life – to deal with its uncertain twists and turns, to be moved by acts of kindness and compassion, and to work with the belief, commitment and passion necessary to bring about positive change.

As global health challenges put us to test, compelling us to migrate from the familiar world we knew to a strange, unfamiliar and uncertain new way of living, the NiBS community walked the path less travelled, bravely facing each challenge with faith, trust and confidence. To help us come together in spirit and heart, even as we remained geographically apart, two weeks of cheerful festivities saw the ‘coming together’ of the NiBS community to celebrate Neevanjali, our Founders’ Day. Children, parents, grandparents and teachers created, crafted, composed and choreographed beautifully thought-out pieces of art, poetry, music, dance and more, which blended to form a magnificent rendition of our anthem, ‘Together We Can’.

From sharing a SMILE to celebrating our VOICE, the days ahead reverberated with the NiBS community sharing heart-warming examples of our core values of Ownership, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence being practiced all around them in wonderful ways. Creating history thereafter, was a memorable weekend as we premiered ‘Together We Can – Neevanjali 2020’, a heartfelt and moving tribute to the spirit of collaboration, caring and sharing on our exclusive NiBS YouTube channel. Inspiring webinars were next on the menu as our team cooked up a broth with the classic NiBS ingredients of smiles, song, wisdom and wit. Cooking sessions, art and craft workshops, hot-shots in hot-spots and a number of rapid-fire rounds on school trivia engaged the participants and kept them on their toes during Masti Ke Ghol, a unique initiative that brings together the entire NiBS Community at the commencement of each academic session to build newer and stronger bonds of CARE and trust.

We continued to echo the ‘Voice of our Community’ in the following week as we premiered and culminated the celebrations with the second edition of the Neevanjali series “Together – Hand in Hand”, an amalgamation of heartfelt messages from our children, parents, teachers and extended community.