At NiBS we’ve always believed that a true or meaningful education cannot just be a narrow, linear process of acquiring predetermined skills required to prepare one for life. Rather it must be a deeper, broader and more expansive one attempting to develop both the inner and outer compass required to engage with life – to deal with its uncertain twists and turns, to be moved by acts of kindness and compassion, and to experience a fearless urge to bring about change.

As global health challenges put us to test, compelling us to migrate from the familiar worlds we knew to a strange, unfamiliar and uncertain new way of living, our community attempted to walk the path less travelled, bravely facing each challenge with faith, belief and confidence.

To help us come together in spirit and heart, even as we remained geographically apart, we had planned an entire weekend of exciting Neevanjali celebrations and surprises for the parents, students and the grandparents.

The fortnight-long celebration had our community come together virtually as we premiered ‘Together We Can – Neevanjali 2020’- a heartfelt, moving image tribute to the Power of our Community and the VOICE we speak.

This was followed by Masti Ke Ghol – a series of live webinars that promised to cook up a broth with classic NiBS ingredients – smiles and song, art, wisdom and wit and a generous seasoning of community spirit.

This Neevanjali, we came together as one big family to celebrate, honour and be thankful for the presence and contribution of each member in our lives; for our Unity and the bonds that we share; and finally, for our commUNITY – it is truly the gift of a prayer.