In our playscapes and landscaped gardens at NiBS, everything grows- joy, laughter, wonder, beauty and even calm!

Welcoming children with the lyrical sounds of chimes played by the breeze, the garden takes them up along a wandering pathway of doodle filled blackboards to the windmills spinning in the breeze, past the distorting walls of illusion, water play nook, twisty slide, rope ladders and swings to the yellow sundial on the back of our building. And there, running alongside the open field, ludo, snakes and ladders, mazes and other large scale board games allow for hours of fun.

In the butterfly and herb gardens, a scarecrow, flamingo and cricket keep a keen and careful watch, allowing children to observe the entire cycle of growth from sowing to flowering.
Designed with patience and love and in collaboration with the children themselves, the space is special and sacred. A place where learning happens in its most natural way, through wonder and play!