Rainbows in the Cloud: Art Matters!

"Art is a form of catharsis emotional release, purging, cleansing, purifying."

Dorothy Parker
What is catharsis? To simply put, the act or process of releasing a strong emotion especially by expressing it in an art form.

Art in any form has been the greatest source of catharsis throughout centuries. Whenever any malady has occurred, not only artists have turned to art, people in general took refuge in the comfort of any vent to emotional excesses in their arsenal be it singing songs, embroideries, cooking, gardening, writing diaries etc.

A kind of social catharsis has been a strong tool as we continue the fight against the virus in the year 2021. Holding on to hope, striving to be resilient, hanging around in the face of adversities, navigating through the darkness in the tunnel we were determined to find the light at the end of it. Making sense of this darkness and to overcome loss of different kinds, grief and stress both inside and outside, simple joys of everyday life kept our belief alive. Art was truly our rainbow in the cloud which kept us going.

Drawing, painting, colouring, paper tearing, using material available at home to create something, watching works of different artists, listening to their stories, scribbling with music, designing games we spent the year like a colourful prayer for all the sufferings on Earth.

First online, then blended, sometimes locked down and recently engulfed in the grey smog, we explored new spaces in our imagination. We played with rhythm, patterns, colours and felt lighter. At times what we created brought a smile not only on the face of our teachers but our parents, siblings, and grandparents. It not only lets us express freely, it enriched us with a unique perspective towards the world around us. When seen through the prism of art, new solutions to a problem emerge. If not solutions, it definitely provides a ground to understand, interpret and emerge from situations differently. Some of the exercises gave us an opportunity to think of the sufferings of others, a distinct perspective. We felt empathetic. Engrossed in this, somehow the difficult times passed by. However, it was not easy. At times we gave up but then our teachers guided us through such moments of despair. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
“This time, like all times, is a very good time, if we but know what to do with it.”
Now the time has come for us to share with all of you the different hues of our rainbow. We invite you to enjoy and borrow some colours from our spectrum of joy and fulfilment. A word of caution here – like the virus, the colours of our Rainbow are contagious and they spread far and wide. Your world or your perspective of the world is surely going to transform.
- Young artists of NiBS

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