Subject societies at NiBS provide students with a unique opportunity to go beyond classroom learning and explore various areas of interest. There are five subject societies and students have a choice to join a society that appeals to them most. Subject society presentations at the beginning of the academic year help students arrive at a well-informed decision regarding their choices. Subject society meetings are convened once every quarter and span a wide range of activities. Some societies invite guest speakers to brief children on interesting concepts that are not found in their regular academics. The Science Society invited Prof. Dhananjay V. Gadre, a member of the faculty of Electronics and Communication Engg, NSUT, Dwarka to present a lecture demonstration. The Maths Society, had Ms. Sushma Bakshi, founding member of Kilbilat and Mr. Dinesh Lahoti, founder of Edugenie, as guest speakers during their meeting. Others have conducted activities such as group discussions, quizzes and debates during the subject society meetings. These meets are also used for film-screenings and educational visits to places that are relevant to the subjects. At NiBS, we believe that lifelong learning involves ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. Learning can never be limited to a specific syllabus taught within the four walls of a classroom. Over the years, subject societies have emerged as avenues for students to explore new areas of knowledge in their pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning.


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