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THE READING [email protected] NIBS

At Nirmal Bhartia School it has always been our endeavor to take learning outside the four walls of the classroom and let the students absorb through their experiences and instill in them a sense of wonder.

The Reading Project or ‘Get Booked’ is a unique endeavor to instill a love for reading among students of our school. Every year, we dedicate two weeks for students to dive into and explore a new genre of literature. The aim is to expose students to various genres of reading and give them a taste of the deep and diverse pool of literature. So the genres range from fairy tales to one-act plays, autobiographies to poetry, and so on. The teachers use a variety learning aids such as anchor charts and audio-visual clips to pique students’ interest. Guest speakers are invited to interact with students. Thereafter, the students begin to read. They maintain a reading log which has to be filled on a daily basis. Along with that, teachers also help students with guiding questions and worksheets that help them master various reading strategies. An attempt is made to ensure that students reads works by a variety of authors. Finally, the project ends with a culmination activity wherein they present their learning before an audience. A variety of class-specific activities are planned by the students as a part of the culmination. They include activities such as mock-trials, roleplays, poetry – recitation, etc.

‘Booked by the NiB’, a webinar was organized on Saturday, 23 May 2020 to mark the culmination of the Reading Project. This year we took it a step further and organized a webinar bringing together four esteemed artists -Ms. Anurupa Roy-Director of the puppet theatre, Katkatha, and a passionate puppet designer. Ms.Roopa Pai- An award winning prolific and accomplished Children’s author. Mr. Kaustubh Srikanth- Co-author of the book ‘Birds in your Backyard and Beyond’, and a Wildlife Biologist and Senior Programme Officer with the World Wide Fund for Nature India (WWF India) and Mr. Arvind Gaur – An Eminent Indian Theatre Director, heading the theatre group ‘Asmita’. All masters in their fields, the revered guests lent a new meaning to the culmination of the reading project, by giving our children a kaleidoscopic lens to foster new ideas and views. Attended by parents and students, the initiative was well appreciated.