DRISHTI the humanities hub

The world, as we know, is just as the eye we choose to see it from. Drishti or the Humanities Hub is a space dedicated to helping students develop their very own eye or of ‘way of seeing’ the world, while at the same time helping them develop a nuanced awareness of the inherent subjectivity and locatedness of their chosen perspective or ‘way of seeing’.

The development of a broad, well-rounded and multi-focal vision is encouraged by bringing together and promoting collaboration between the varied Departments of the Hub – Social Science (History, Political Science, Civics, Geography, Psychology), Enterprise (Economics, Business Studies, Accounts) and the Language Arts (English, Hindi and Sanskrit). Penetrative depth is enabled by the pursuit of specialised enquiry into each of their constituent disciplines.

Promoting penetrative depth

Specialised enquiry in the Drishti Hub is encouraged under the aegis of the Social Science, Enterprise and English and Hindi Subject Societies. From inviting guest speakers, partnering with leading think tanks and research institutes, organising field trips, seminars, lectures and reading sessions, these Societies ignite curiousity and inspire students to take deep dives into their disciplinary learning by curating experiences that are deeply authentic, experiential and engaging. Middle and Senior students select a Subject Society of their choice and receive mentored support as they pursue an ‘orbital’ project revolving around an area of personal passion or interest.

Encouraging multi-focal breadth

Research and enquiry into the nature and impact of human activity, both to understand the human condition better and to inspire participatory change-making action, requires a lens that is as wide and whole as it is deep. A broad, multi-focal lens is encouraged by facilitating cross-departmental collaboration and the sharing of inter-disciplinary insights, both within the Departments of the Hub and by partnering with other Hubs.

For example, The Drishti Hub and Srishti Hubs partner with each other to host Voice of Art and pioneer practice-based research pedagogies. Such pedagogies are a particularly powerful means of shaping unique, authentic and change-making ‘ways of seeing’ by encouraging the juxtaposition and coming together of diverse inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary insights.