Equipping ourselves
with the skills of life

Our mission at NiBS is to nurture a community of learners who are ever inspired to invest in their own learning by taking up new challenges, developing new abilities and skills and exploring new passions, not just during their years in school but lifelong! Hence a key endeavour of our learning programme is to help students focus not just on what to learn or content knowledge but also on how to learn or the habits and skills that enable them to become independent, inspired and self-directed learners.

Towards this aim, instruction in each of our disciplinary departments is rooted in and guided by a core set of skills which come together to shape a disciplinary method or framework. For example, teaching and learning in the Sciences focuses upon developing proficiency in the Scientific method or the skills of observation, experimentation and prediction, while in the Social Sciences, we seek to foster an understanding of patterns and trends, an awareness of how the inherent subjectivity of the field affects analyses and at the same time inculcate the values of civic engagement. 

In addition to these disciplinary frameworks and methods, our team has also designed a bespoke life-skills programme. Using a variety of modes such as role-plays, stories, case-studies and class discussions, it encourages children to explore questions of ethicality, understand the challenges involved in arriving at a sound judgment, and then take constructive action to bring about change.