We can all achieve goals faster and higher
by working together than by going for it alone

Our shared experiences and research tell us that children are active, inter-dependent learners who learn best when given the opportunity to interact and engage with friends, peers, family members, thought leaders and the world around. Learning merely from textbooks and teacher talk is simply not enough. Hence at NiBS, our entire curriculum is designed to encourage active, collaborative engagement in contrast to the passive ‘banking models’ of education.

Once children learn to appreciate their own strengths and differences, we use collaborative learning strategies such as jigsaw, think-pair-share, circle of writers, talking chips and more to help them put their knowledge and skills together to work towards common goals. They go beyond merely sitting together at group tables, to imbibing a genuine sense of joint responsibility and accountability – all for one and one for all! The team spirit thus evoked teaches them the valuable lesson that in order to be true winners in life, it is far more important to have faith in and draw strength from one’s peers than try to defeat them.