The challenges faced by parents while bringing up children are many, and especially during these times when the children are mostly confined to homes, the concerns have increased manifold. Our school conducts series a of workshops for both parents and students on Growing Up Years. These workshops focus on providing a holistic understanding of physical, emotional and psychosocial development and help equip both, the parents and our children, with the strategies needed to deal with ‘growing up’ aspects and concerns.

At the Elementary level, the objective of the student workshops is to make the children understand the concept of safe/unsafe touch through story sessions and puppet shows. Simple strategies were shared with the children and they were taught to reach out to their parents or teachers in case they feel uncomfortable in the presence of a stranger.

The Growing Up Years’ workshops for students of Classes I to V are interactive and informative sessions conducted by the School Counsellor. The focus of these session was on helping the children to develop a basic understanding of different aspects, such as physical health and safety for the children, healthy eating, importance of exercising, good hygiene and good touch and bad touch. The workshops for the parents of classes Ankur to V were conducted by a renowned Child Psychologist, Ms. Jyotsna Bharadwaj.

For their senior children and their parents, the Growing Up Years’ workshops were conducted by Dr. Amit Sen, a renowned Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Director, Children’s First, who dealt with the aspects of social, emotional and behavioural concerns faced by adolescents. provided the parents with simple yet effective techniques to help them connect better with their teenage children.

A Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying Webinar was also organized with Mr. Rakshit Tandon, a renowned Cyber Security expert and a crusader for the “Safe Surfing Campaign”. The workshop aimed at educating the audience, especially our children, on how to keep themselves safe while using the internet.