At NiBS we believe that it is very important for parents and teachers to work together for the best interest of the students. Therefore, Learning to Learn is a unique, interactive programme that is conducted for our parent community each year, to help them understand how our curriculum is transacted, the teaching-learning styles we follow and the ways in which we attempt to make learning fun, engaging, relevant and interactive for our children. This initiative helps in bringing parents, students and teachers together.

This year as the ongoing COVID-19 situation posed several challenges for us to keep up with the changing times; NiBS went a step further and took the initiative of conducting online assessments to ensure holistic education for children. So, the ‘Learning to Learn’ sessions were conducted virtually through the Zoom App wherein parents were familiarized with the format of online assessments, skill sets in different subjects, question paper patterns and changes in the curriculum.

The Junior school presentation shared the various ways and modes in which the assessments were planned and going to be carried out, while the Senior school presentation focused on the assessment techniques, and patterns of evaluation across disciplines. All queries and concerns of the parents were responded to the Subject Heads and the Heads of Schools.