Srishti- our much loved centre for the Arts, includes two large dance halls, acoustically treated vocal and instrumental practice rooms for Indian and Western music, three art rooms – one each for the Elementary, Junior and Senior children, a pottery studio, an intimate 2000 sq ft auditorium equipped with state of the art audio facilities, a dedicated recording studio and a sun-dappled performance hall.

Sensitively designed as a visually rich and multi-sensorial space, it encourages children to look closely, listen intently and question deeply.

The mural like pattern on the wall of the Indian music room echoes the movement of the saptaka – the scales in Indian classical music, while the gently spinning rain-stick gives children a chance to connect with the sounds of nature.

In the art and pottery spaces, large exhibition areas at varying floor levels display artwork and invite contemplation and discussion. Collaborative murals made by the children routinely transform the space.

At the entrance to the auditorium, a stone bas relief of MC Escher’s bird tessellation pays tribute to his genius, while at the same time exposing children to diverse traditions in art.